domingo, 20 de agosto de 2017


Tourism in Spain is the essence of this country especially in summer. Many foreigners from all over the world come to the coast of Spain because of its temperatures. Most young people go to cities like Ibiza or Marbella. However, gold is not that glittters and tourism has a number of advantages and disadvantages.

One of the most frequent disadvantages is the riots and fights involving young tourists. On party nights they are drunk on the streets making noise and disturbing families who are taking walks in the city. This happened because Spain is the only country where drinking in the street is permitted. It's also one of the countries that more people suffer from ethyl commas, especially minors.

The most important advantages of tourism is the increase in employment, from the point of view of our economy. For hotels, bars, reestaurants in summer are the days where they make more money and can hire more people. Another advantage, but less important, is the family break for their holidays, since they can travel to the site and disconnect from work.

martes, 15 de agosto de 2017


First, I'm going to talk about Ibiza. Ibiza is one of the most famous islands in the world. This island stands out for its magnificent parties, many foreigners visit it. Although it also stands out for its climate, its beaches and the monuments that you can visit. Personally, I want to visit that island because it draws my attention.

Secondly, I'm going to talk about drones. Drones are known around the world. These devices don't have a crew. They are small or medium in size and controlled remotely. They can carry GPS, infrarred sensors, high resolution cameras and radar controls.


I'm going write about the two most important writers of our golden age: Cervants and Shakespeare. Both of them incidentally died on the same date, but actually Cervantes died on 22nd April and Shakespeare a day later on 23rd April, although their deaths are celebrated on April 23. That day is called the International Book Day in 1995.

Cervants was a soldier, novelist, poet and Spanish playwright. He is universally known for having written "The Don Quixote". It's considered the first modern novel and one of the best works of universal literature. In addition, being the most edited and translated book of history, it was given the nickname of "Prince of the Wits".

Shakespeare was an English playwright,poet and actor. He is also considered the most important writer in the English language. He was known as ' the bard of Avon'. At the age of 18 he married Anne Hathaway and they had three children. 


Nowadays, the shorter attention span is becoming a serious problem for students. New technologies do not help students to concentrate on their studies. 

Teachers are realizing the situation that is causing this. Many students are not able to maintain attention in class for more than ten minutes. But this is not only because of new technologies , but by distracting in class with their peers.

In my view, young people today spend a lot of time with technologies. We should go out more with our friends and travel with our families. We should also organize our study hours with leisure time. 


Nowadays, finding the place where you want to go is very easy with the new tecnologies; for example a GPS. For humans it is easier to find the place where we want to go than for an animal because we can use GPS and talk to people to ask.

I think that most domestic animals, in particular, dogs and cats are very intelligent at the time of getting lost. Many of them remember how to return home, also their owners don't care if they come back in a few hours and even they can leave then without a leash because they don't know that they won't leave. But there are others especially the smaller ones who aren't accustomed and if they are lost it's very difficult for them to know how to return.

I think that for humans to find somewhere is easier, we have many things to find out. I also think it is very good to find the way to the hotel if we are visiting a new city because it will be our stay for as long as we want to stay. The people who are lost the most are the children and an old people because they are the most innocent people. I say this because when I was little I got lost in a mall but they found me shortly. But there are people who are lost and can't get back especially aged people when they have the tragic alzheimer's disease.

In conclusion, I say that both animals and people have the ability to know how to go home when we get lost. Although humans have a small advantage. I think we are very similar.

miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2016


José Calderón is a Spanish well-known basketball player who played for a few years in the NBA team called Toronto Raptors and who has played many matches for our Spanish national team. He born on 28th September (1981) in Villanueva de la Serena (Badajoz).He is 1.91 metres tall and he weighs 95kg.

Jose Calderón began his proffesional career in "Diputacion Foral Alava", a small team of second division (1998). The following year, he was hired by the CB Lucentum Alicante (1999-2001). On 3rd August 2005, he joined the Toronto Raptors as playmaker. During the 2006-2007 season he managed to win the NBA Atlantic Division championship.On 7th December 2006, he suffered a terrible back injury and had to be carried off the field on a stretcher.

Jose Calderón announced that he ended his career with the Spanish national team. A career that began in 2002 and in which the playmaker from Extremadura, has won a total of eight medals, becoming one of the best game directors game in the history of Spanish.

In my opinion, Jose Calderón is one of the best baketball players. It's a shame that he won't play for Spain any more. José Calderón will be one of few who will always be remembered always and of course many of this peers; Sergio Llull, Pau Gasol, Felipe Reyes, Ricky Rubio, Juan C. Navarro, Sergio Rodríguez, Rudy Fernandez..etc. Although the best without doubt for me is Pau Gasol.